To understand just how vital air sealing is, picture a bucket filled with water. The water represents your home’s interior air, and the bucket represents your home’s walls, ceilings, floors, and roof.

Professional technicians air sealing a Wisconsin home

Now, imagine the bucket has tiny cracks. As you pour more water into it, you see some of it dripping out through these minuscule openings, causing the water level to slowly decrease.

Just like the water escaping from the bucket, warm and cool air escapes through leaks in your home’s envelope, causing energy loss, roof problems, and overall inefficiency.

First Quality Roofing helps Wisconsin home and business owners improve their property’s energy efficiency and comfort with air sealing services that help them save money all year long.

Common Air Leakage Points

Residential and commercial buildings have similar air leakage points, including:

  • Roof penetrations. Plumbing vents, exhaust fans, skylights, piping, and other roof-mounted equipment are potential areas where air can seep out without adequate sealing.
  • Windows and doors. Gaps around doors and windows are common air leakage sources, with improperly sealed units allowing drafts and uncontrolled air movement.
  • Gaps and cracks. Exterior and interior issues such as gaps in insulation and electrical outlets, improper siding installation, and insufficient sealing of attic hatches and roof access points can impact energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

How Air Sealing Prevents Air Leakage and Saves Energy

Air sealing is critical to preventing air leakage and saving energy in commercial and residential properties. By sealing air leaks, home and business owners can:

  • Improve indoor comfort, reducing drafts and maintaining consistent temperatures.
  • Increase HVAC system efficiency.
  • Enhance insulation performance.
  • Reduce their environmental impact.

Investing in professional air sealing services is a proactive step towards achieving energy efficiency goals and long-term cost savings.

Additional Air Sealing Benefits

Proper air sealing offers plenty of other advantages.

  1. Moisture control. By preventing air leakage, air sealing reduces the potential for moisture infiltration, condensation, and the associated risks of mold growth, rot, and structural damage, particularly on your property’s roof.
  2. Enhanced durability. Air sealing can extend a roofing material’s lifespan and reduce the need for costly repairs or premature roof replacements.
  3. Rebates and incentives. In some areas, energy-efficient upgrades like air sealing can qualify for rebates, tax incentives, and utility programs.

The Air Sealing Process

The steps involved in the air sealing process vary depending on the structure and its unique leakage points. A qualified roofing professional with expertise in air sealing can identify and seal gaps that are affecting your roof’s performance.

Generally, an air sealing project includes:

  • A thorough roof inspection to identify areas of potential air leakage. This can involve visual checks, thermal imaging, and other diagnostic tools.
  • Selecting the most suitable air sealing materials, including the correct type of sealants.
  • Sealing the air leaks, using precise techniques and attention to detail, focusing on critical areas that will have the most significant impact on energy efficiency.
  • Quality assurance steps, including post-sealing tests, to ensure the desired air tightness is achieved.

Partner With a Professional Roofing Contractor for Air Sealing Services

When you want to extend your roof’s life and improve your residential or commercial property’s energy efficiency, entrusting your air sealing services to an experienced roofing contractor like First Quality Roofing is a wise investment with significant long-term benefits. Our years of roofing experience ensure you receive the best air sealing solutions from a skilled and friendly team that’s dedicated to delivering results.

Contact us online or call 715-350-2162 to learn more about residential and commercial air sealing or to request a free consultation.

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