Replacing a Damaged Roof Tile – What You Need to Know

The roof is among the most critical parts of your home that protects you against the elements. When you notice a cracked or slipped roof tile, you should address the issue immediately to protect your roof’s integrity and ensure your property’s safety.

Scheduling a professional roof inspection as part of your regular home maintenance can help you notice the roofing problems early before they escalate and become more costly.

Why Do Roof Tiles Slip or Crack

Roof tiles can slip or crack for various reasons. While you can avoid some causes, others, like inclement weather, are out of anyone’s control. Below are common reasons why roof tiles slip or crack.

Strong winds or storms: Since roofing tiles are usually made from clay, they are vulnerable to the elements. Strong winds and storms can blow off loose roof tiles or carry debris that hits against them, causing them to crack.

Age of the roof: While roofs are long-lasting, they have a limited lifespan and lose their efficiency over time. The roofing materials can wear out and become brittle, making them more susceptible to cracking or slipping. The tiles also become more fragile and likely to break under the slightest pressure.

The impact from fallen branches: Impacts from heavy objects and falling tree branches can cause roof tiles to crack or slip. Usually, this happens during severe weather, although it may also occur accidentally when trimming or cutting down trees near your home.

Poor installation: If the roof tiles are not correctly installed, they can become loose or misaligned, leading to cracking or slipping. Poorly installed tiles are also more vulnerable to weather events like strong winds, heavy rain, and snowstorms.

The Dangers of a Slipped or Cracked Roof Tiles

Slipped or cracked roof tiles present more costly complications if left unchecked. Even if the cracks or slips are not much, they can result in leaks. Letting water into the roof for prolonged periods accelerates rotting and weakens the roof structure.

Water can also get into your property and leave unsightly water stains on the drywalls, ceilings, and walls. It also poses a fire hazard if it comes in contact with electrical wires.

Moisture in your home also encourages mold growth, which can ruin your furniture and other valuables. The mold and mildew may also trigger allergies and pose respiratory health risks for you and your loved ones.

Since slipped or cracked roof tiles result in roof openings, they can allow pests and critters to access your roof. These animals, such as rats, raccoons, and birds, can damage your roof, cause unpleasant odors and even transmit diseases. You will also incur extra costs seeking pest control services.

It is advisable to address any cracks or slips on your roof tile as soon as you notice them to prevent costly repairs and ensure the safety of your property and your loved ones.

Fixing a Damaged Roof Tile

The most effective way to deal with broken or slipped roof tiles is by replacing them. However, unless you have the skills and the proper equipment, never try to repair or replace damaged roof tiles yourself. You could cause more problems and spend more on hiring a professional to correct the mistakes. It is also unsafe to get on the roof as it can lead to accidents.

Regardless of how confident you feel with your skills or the number of tiles that need replacing, always hire a professional roofing contractor to get the job done right the first time. This will give you peace of mind knowing you have a lasting solution to your roofing problem. You also won’t have to handle the risks and challenges of DIY roof repairs.

Professional Roof Tile Repair in Wisconsin

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